1. KTR members must be dedicated to the Mission Statement. The member’s sole motivation is his/her desire to recover from addiction and to support other recovering addicts. Members will not have any alternative or hidden agenda and will not participate in any activities that will raise a conflict of interest.

  2. KTR members must conduct themselves and treat each other with respect, dignity and humility. Divisive, cruel and violent behavior will not be tolerated.

  3. KTR members cannot request any clinical information about other members. All members are required to maintain strict confidentiality and should only share information with members of their group. Members cannot repeat any disclosures made within the chapter’s meetings, outside of the meeting.

  4. KTR members do not gain special rights or privileges for participating within the chapter. Becoming a KTR member or chairperson does not create a position of authority.

  5. KTR members cannot resolve individual conflict on their own.

  6. Members will endorse, agree to, and act according to the Code of Ethics. If they breach the Code of Ethics, they may be expelled from the group temporary or permanently.