Meeting Protocol

  1. Venues and Locations – Chapters will conduct their meetings in a safe and protective meeting location accessible to all and in compliance with the ADA. The venue may be a public or private facility such as a school, church, hospital, community room, government building, medical clinic or a member’s home as long as it does not compromise confidentiality of attendees.

  2. Schedule of Meetings – Each chapter will determine their schedule. It is recommended that a meeting be held on a weekly basis with each meeting lasting 60 to 120 minutes upon the discretion of the group. The meeting schedule is to be resolved by each chapter upon commencement of operation. However, it is important to note that the meetings start on time. Each chapter that would like to establish itself will need to make a resolution about the meeting conduct including location, frequency and duration.

  3. Quorum Requirements – There are no quorum requirements. Any two members or more will satisfy the quorum requirement.

  4. Types of Meetings – Each KTR chapter could hold one of the following type of meetings:

    a) Closed Meeting – only members (children 12 and under allowed (unless otherwise stated in the meeting schedule), but not encouraged)

    b) Open Session – besides members, the chairperson can invite any interested parties, including reporters, officials, clinicians, etc.

    c) Keys Meeting – closed meeting dedicated to the 15 keys to recovery (herein after paragraph XIV)

  5. Meeting Agenda – Any member is allowed to propose items for discussion for the group meeting. Final decisions will be vested by the chair. However, no foreign, outside topic of irrelevant issues will be included in the agenda.

  6. Resolutions – The only resolutions are in regards to day-to-day operations (i.e. the agenda and meeting conduct). No resolution, opinion or statement letter will be issued to outside individuals or entities.

  7. Appearance and Attire – Cleanliness and hygiene are mandatory, including:

    a) Those individuals infected with diseases that carry the possibility of having adverse effects on others are not allowed.

    b) Special accommodation will be made for individuals who are homeless, ill or handicapped.

  8. Attendance Sheets – The participant in each group will sign an attendance sheet at the beginning of each meeting. Enclosed is the attendance sheet form for use by all chapters (see Appendix Section I: Forms).

  9. Proof of Participation – Despite provisions in the Code of Ethics, Keys To Recovery© accepts the provision of the Proof Of Participation for its members who may be required to show proof. A chairperson or any other member of the group may sign and stamp the Proof Of Participation form. The authorization form is enclosed (see Appendix Section I: Forms). There will be one standard form authorized or acceptable for all chapters.

  10. Conduct of Meetings – All meetings will be conducted as scheduled and will commence within fifteen minutes of the announced time and be completed within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time.

    a) It is recommended that the meeting begins or ends with a moment of silence and inspirations petition.

    b) Everyone must raise his/her hand.

    c) Members may not speak for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    d) All members must comply with the dress code in each meeting.

    e) Animals/pets may not be brought to the meeting, with the exception of a seeing-eye dog.

    f) No smoking is allowed.

    g) No taunts or foul language is allowed.

    h) No racial and/or derogatory language is allowed.

    i) No physical violence is allowed.

    j) One faith will not be favored over any other.

    k) Children (12 and under) are allowed, but not encouraged.

    l) The group will leave the venue clean and in good order following each meeting.

  11. Recommended Schedule and Meeting Format

    a) Arrival to meeting venue fifteen minutes prior to the start of the meeting, setting up the room, help others with beverages and light snacks.

    b) Signing of the attendance sheet.

    c) Making a decision on, or electing a chairperson, secretary and treasurer for the meeting.

    d) Issuance and stamping (authorized stamp only) of receipts for contributions / donations (if any) will be completed by the chairperson and treasurer. All funds will be held by the treasurer.

    e) The chairperson delivers an opening statement using the following text:

    “Welcome to our Keys To Recovery meeting. This meeting is open to all KTR members and other individuals who would like to join our organization. My name is _____________ and I am in Keys To Recovery. I would like to welcome the new members (each new member will take this time to introduce themselves by name). Now, please join me for a moment of silence on behalf of the recovering addict population."

    i) Following the moment of silence the members will join the chairman in the recital of the serenity prayer:

    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.”

    ii) Upon the completion of the Serenity Prayer the chairperson will propose, to participating members who are interested in making a pledge to Keys To Recovery, the recital of the following:

    “My name is ______________ and I am a recovering addict. I admit to myself, and others, that I am unable to overcome my addiction without support from others. I have come to believe that progress, and not perfection is a central key to my recovery and that the help we can give one another is invaluable. I resolve to continuously develop my relationship with other recovering addicts so that we may all experience true recovery.”

    It is recommended that members will make the above pledge at least once within their first 90 days of participation in Keys To Recovery. No sanctions will be placed on any members who choose to abstain from reciting the KTR Pledge.

    c) The chairperson will propose a meeting type that is accepted or denied by the members. Members need to reach a consensus, demonstrating maturity, unselfishness and a willingness to compromise.

    d) The chairperson will propose an agenda for the meeting, other members will propose additional topics (if any).

    e) Meeting begins, with a recommended length of 60 to 120 minutes.

    f) The Chairperson closes the meeting within the expected scheduled time, he/she will also consider extension of the meeting upon consensus.

    g) Issuance and stamping of Proof Of Participation Form will be completed by both the chairperson and secretary.

    h) All paperwork (including the attendance sheet, receipt books, proof of attendance book, stamp) and other materials will be collected by the secretary and kept in his trust in a secure location.

    i) All donated and contributed funds will be held in trust by the treasurer in a secure location and/or deposited into a bank account under the name of Keys To Recovery. In the case the chapter does not have a secure place to store funds or materials, they are allowed to make a request to the Aegis Clinic manager to hold their materials in trust for them.

    j) The members will clean the room and return it to its original condition to end the meeting.