Any individual desiring to recover from any form of addiction without prejudice to their religion, faith, sex, gender, and type of addiction can become a member of a Keys To Recovery© chapter. They must abide by the procedures and protocols developed for KTR and are committed to the mission and goals established for all KTR members and any specific conditions established by each individual chapter.


Members have no vested rights other than their membership and participation in the meetings. However, members will have the right to the following:

  1. 1.Participate in meetings.
  2. To volunteer and become the chairperson, secretary or treasurer of a chapter.
  3. In case of more than one volunteer, members have the right to vote for the chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Such a vote will be done by simple majority and without a quorum requirement.
  4. Members may expel or revoke the rights of members upon an 75% majority vote and a quorum of at least 4 members.


Members are required to:

  1. Be committed to their recovery whether following Harm Reduction or the total abstinence approach.
  2. Be supportive of other members’ recovery.
  3. Endorse and follow the Keys To Recovery© mission statement, goals and objectives. Members must adhere to the Keys To Recovery© Policies, Procedures and Protocols. Special emphasis should be given to:

    a) No breach of confidentiality.

    b) Act in a way that is not destructive, harmful or pose a risk/threat to other members.

    Members acknowledge that compromise of the above mentioned points a and b could establish grounds for their expulsion from a meeting or even revocation of member’s rights and membership.
  4. Handle themselves as well as treat others with dignity, respect, and humility.
  5. Maintain the meeting venue in good order. Members are responsible for clean-up and restoring the space to its original condition at the end of each meeting.

  6. Members can voluntarily:

  7. Participate in outreach and service, which are key components to recovery. Members who have considerable recovery are encouraged to share the hope and strength they experienced via their adherence to KTR’s fifteen (15) keys to recovery by voluntarily signing up to help others.
  8. The members can volunteer their name and contact information to be included in a “Member Only Outreach List”, which may include only: first name; first initial of middle & last name; phone number; e-mail and preferred time for communication. The list will be distributed upon the discretion of KTR members. Through the list, members will be able to contact each other in times of emotional need.


  1. Any breach of the Code of Ethics will be grounds for removed either temporarily or permanently.

  2. Any member who is destructive or disruptive to the process and goals of KTR will be removed.

  3. A person who, by actions or words, compromises the confidentiality and therapeutic integrity of the KTR chapter will be removed.


Keys To Recovery© does not have any mandated fees for membership, nor are there fees required to attend meetings.


  1. KTR and its chapters will be willing to accept donations and contributions from families, members, non-profit organizations or other entities as long as the contributing party does not request any form of consideration as a result of their contribution/donation and there are no conflicts of interests.
  2. Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC. and its Aegis Institute, Inc. may support the KTR program through the following:

    a) Meeting space.

    b) Scheduling and distribution of information about meetings.

    c) Administrative work as required.

    d) Limited beverage and light snacks provided during meetings, i.e. coffee, water, and cookies.

    e) Financial assistance to enhance member’s accessibility and transportation to Keys To Recovery meetings, such aid may include: bus passes; lodging; phone cards, etc.


  1. Funds which were contributed or donated to the chapter will be held in trust by the treasurer in a confined and secure location, however if the amount of the funds exceed $100, the last appointed chairperson, treasurer or secretary will open a join bank account in the name of the KTR local chapter.

    a) The KTR local chapter may use the phone number and address of the nearest AMS Clinic to serve as the address of the chapter using the following format:

    -Care of Keys To Recovery @ Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC., Name of Clinic, Clinic Address

    b) The account will require signature authorization through joint signatures of two members of the chapter (recommended: the chairperson and treasurer or secretary) on each issued check.

    c) The account will not allow issuance of credit/ATM cards to any of the members.

  2. It is recommended that each chapter and its treasurer will not accept donations over $2000. Any donation over the amount of $50 will be announced and made public to all members promptly upon the receipt of such funds.