Aegis adopts the most stringent clinical, ethical and regulatory compliance standards of any NTP in the treatment of its patients. These unmatched standards, in combination with the special emphasis that Aegis places on customizing treatment to focus on the individual conditions of each patient, have resulted in an unprecedented level of patient recovery and an industry defining level of clinical success. For more information, please review the Aegis Code of Conduct & Ethics.


Aegis holds the confidentiality of all of its patients as one of its highest priorities. Accordingly, Aegis has developed a state of the art corporate compliance policy, HIPAA compliance plan and Privacy Policy in order to ensure full adherence to federal regulations on the secure handling of confidential patient information. In addition to these measures, patients in disagreement with the decisions regarding their treatment are entitled to voice their concerns in a fair hearing process. Patients may also file their grievances with the office of the Ombudsman, who is an independent neutral party appointed to handle patient complaints. Certain concerns can also be handled by the Patient Advisory and Advocacy Group (“PAAG”), a group of patients committed to representing and pursuing the best interests of the population served by Aegis. The comment and complaint cards (along with postage-paid envelopes) for both the Ombudsman and PAAG are available in the waiting area of each clinic. To learn more, about the Ombudsman and/or PAAG please refer to the brochures available in the clinic waiting areas or at their respective websites: or In addition to the above, Aegis patients are entitled to:

  • A healthy and safe treatment environment
  • Participation in their treatment planning and giving consent to treatment
  • Full disclosure regarding their treatment