Most 12-Step Recovery Programs are derivatives of the principles and traditions embodied in proven concepts. 12-Step program's success did not go unobserved and its principles were adopted by others seeking relief from various forms of addictive behavior (“Anonymous Groups”). Offshoots of the Anonymous Group, in turn, spawned a huge network of recovery programs. Depression, gambling, narcotic addiction, emotional dependency, and nicotine addiction are just a few of the Anonymous Groups in existence today.

As a result of the tremendous growth and canonization of the 12-Steps, many believe the original 12-Steps program to be all-inclusive, and not to be tampered with – sacred. While there is great respect for the 12-Step model, certain populations (i.e. recovering opiate addicts) require specialized handling to formulate the most effective recovery support system possible.

Although the majority of Anonymous Groups are quite successful in assisting their members, traditional peer-based support groups often cannot meet the needs of the recovering opiate addict in Methadone maintenance and detox treatment programs. Most Anonymous Groups mandate that the member adhere to a program of total abstinence, where success is achieved solely by unfalteringly abiding to certain criteria without exceptions. Subsequently, the supportive element for improvement (short of total abstinence) in a recovering addict’s condition, whether it is a decrease in drug usage or an improvement in the ability to deal with the adversities of life, is simply not there. Therefore a non-abstinent, though “recovering” addict may easily become disheartened and be made to feel like an outcast in an intended to be “supportive” environment. The resulting alienation can nullify any anticipated therapeutic effect of such groups.

Realizing the need for revision of 12-Step principles, Keys To Recovery© (“KTR”) was founded to directly address the needs of recovering opiate addicts. Additionally, it is in the implementation of the concept of “Harm Reduction” that differentiates Keys To Recovery© from traditional Anonymous Groups.