Aegis Ombudsman The Mission

The Ombudsman office exists to strengthen, support and expand organization excellence in patient care while providing respect for individual differences, multiculturalism and collaboration with the Aegis network of programs and the communities we serve.

Bill Shilley, Member of the
United States Ombudsman

Bill Shilley is Department Chair of Addictive Disorders Studies at Oxnard College and a full time senior professor. Over a period of about twenty years, he has developed and taught over seventeen courses for the ADS certificate. Prior to his appointment to a full time professorship in 1989, he worked for ten years in the Ventura County Department of Alcohol and Drug Program where he worked as a Treatment Specialist in the County DUI Program; for three years he was senior counselor for the East and West County counseling centers; for five years he was Community Services Coordinator in charge of alcohol/drug prevention programs; for five years he was patient advocate for DUI clients and was acting administrator for his last year and a half with the department.

He has been an officer in the California Association of Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE) for the last 15 years, an association which establishes new programs in community colleges and universities and maintains quality control over those programs as an on-going process. He is a consultant for the Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center at UCSD, now the ATC School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry and is on the national board to establish the Forensic Addictions Corrections Treatment Certificate for those committed to treating alcohol and drug addicts in the Criminal Justice System. In January 2003 he became the Ombudsman for Aegis Treatment Centers' clients at 25 treatment centers in the state of California.