The Patient Advisory & Advocacy Group
Expanding, Strengthening and Supporting Excellence in Patient Care


The goal of PAAG is to advises Aegis on how to better serve patients, and to advocate for the larger community of Aegis patients and other clients. PAAG provides feedback necessary for Aegis to develop and raise Aegis professional and ethical standards that have a direct relationship to the effectiveness of treatment and Aegis patients’ quality of life.

To advocate for addiction patient’s rights and for the removal of prejudices and discrimination that prevent their successful treatment and integration into a productive and positive lifestyle.

To increase community awareness through education.


Advocate involvement binds patients, staff, administration, government agencies and communities together. It is everyone's responsibility to incorporate these groups into strategic alliance. Patient groups are a rich source to determine if a designed protocol will be effective with patients. In addition, these groups have a vested interest in helping communicate information about their program and attempt to bring about change in attitudes, perceptions and realities of their recovery effort. By involving patients in this process, the objective is to substantially improve the services provided to the Aegis patients and to effect change in the treatment criteria mandated by legislation and public opinion. PAAG members serve as educators and spokespersons in their communities to gain cooperation and improve the standing of all patients.


PAAG will serve to reinforce patients’ ability to be directly involved in the treatment of their addiction and in the policies, which support that treatment. Patients will also have an outlet and process in which to work toward change of the discriminatory laws and behaviors, which surround the addict in many different arenas.