Ray J., - I came here in 2007 as a heroin addict and Aegis has done so much for me not only stopping me from doing heroin, but also examined myself with other problems that I have. Since I have been here, I decided to change my life and be a better husband. It has taught me how to care about myself and others. I have grown a lot since I have been here. It has made me want to help others and showed them that they can get off from drugs if they want to. This place has the tools to do it, but you have to want to do it. I thank this place and the people that work here for helping me save my life.

Georgie N., - Aegis has been good because it has kept me alive and out of trouble. Before coming here my life was a mess, but now I'm functioning a lot better and I have better relationships with my family.

An Aegis Patient's Mother, - Hi I am the mother of one of your patient's and I just wanted to let you know how lucky we were to have found you and your facility and all the wonderful people there helping my son. We have been lost for so long going thru the motions of living with life’s big roadblocks. He is talking and just to be with counselors and in a group setting listening or participating is a miracle! He was not a people person and this is what he needs. He feels very comfortable and it is so awesome so many opportunities are offered in one place. I have seen the change & he is feeling so good about himself now. And I asked him that first day if this meant he would answer my text or phone call that same day and he said yes. And he has kept his promise. It used to be days or weeks before he would respond. I’m so sorry he went down this road. But we don’t really get to know what we are made of until we hit the hard crap. He took on a lot of responsibility after his dad left when he was 17. I want to say THANK YOU for all your caring ways to help all these special people. We all need another chance! I hope to attend a Friday meeting someday soon, you mentioned it to me and so did my son tonight. I’m here for my son in any way I can help.

Cindy D., - I really enjoy the counseling sessions at AEGIS. I love having the opportunity to learn and cope with difficult situations in my life. I feel blessed to know that I can talk about anything with my counselor and it always stays confidential in addition to never being judged. I would recommend this clinic if you need help. You will be greeted with friendly faces and treated with respect.

Adriana P., - "Before coming to Aegis, I was going to a different program that didn't work for me. So my husband brought me to Aegis. In the beginning, I was sick. But after coming daily for 2 weeks, I started to feel better. With counseling, my mind started to clear up. Having someone to talk to helped me through the most difficult times and stay focused on my goals. I have learned a lot about parenting skills and life skills. My life today is so much better, I am thinking differently. I'm acting differently. I am no longer thinking and acting like a drug addict. Aegis hasbeen a miracle clinic."

Amanda I., - I have been coming to AEGIS for a year now. This place has giving me hope and inspiration. Counseling has helped broaden my views on addiction and build my self esteem. I never feel alone in my struggles especially with addiction. I have been able to become a more present mother. When I come in to AEGIS I can be myself and never worry about being judged. I look forward to counseling every week and I always leave feeling relieved and supported. I am free to talk about my needs and I know I am being taken care. I would recommend AEGIS to anyone that is struggling as you wont regret it.

Juliete , - I have been coming to AEGIS for 2 years and I have come a long way. I really enjoy counseling because I am able to talk about issues that I do not talk about with anyone else. My privacy is always kept and I never feel judged. I highly recommend AEGIS to anyone struggling with Opiates and you will be taken care of. I also wanted to let everyone know that counseling has been a pleasant surprise as you get to counsel about ALL kinds of issues. It feels great to know I always have support from AEGIS.

Chris M., - For somebody who does not know what else to do with themselves and they are at the end of there ropes please come to AEGIS. I was at the end of my rope before I came to AEGIS. I remember being physically sick and drained with no options. If you are reading this and you don't know about coming in you have to come down to AEGIS. The reality is we are lucky to have the services AEGIS offers and I know I have been negative at times but this place literally saved my life. You can do it and you don't have to do it alone as AEGIS will be there for you. I can work full time now. I feel normal and think normal. I feel as though I am getting myself back! AEGIS has got me back on my feet.

Pinkie B., - I would and have recommended AEGIS to many people. Coming everyday in the beginning is very important. This is my second home. I feel safe here and you are able to get close to your counselor so that you can address your addiction. This place really works and it can for you. I am always treated with respect and I love that I can see the Dr when I need too. If you need help come, they will help you!

Jesse M., - "I thought the methadone had a bad reputation and it was the last place that I wanted to be. But since I started the program my life has gotten back on track. As long as you follow the program and go to your counseling, this program can't fail."

Adella L., - "This place has been awesome for me. I love the counseling. This place has done wonders for me. I would not change this place out for any other treatment program."

Victor P., - I have not been a client at AEGIS long but I have liked my experience so far. I wanted to say that Methadone works and it has helped me tremendously over the last month. The counseling is great especially when you get a counselor that is willing to work with you which has been the case so far for me.

Jenn S., - I have been coming to AEGIS for 3 years and I am close to finishing the program. AEGIS has helped me remain clean for the entire time I have been coming. I must say that I am always treated with respect and the staff goes out of there way to be nice. I have had several amazing counselor's and they have gone above and beyond in trying to help. My privacy is very important to me and I have always felt safe going there. I would strongly recommend AEGIS to anyone.

Chente G., - This program helps you get off drugs but it is also hard to get off the methadone once you're on so beware.

Lizette V., - Because of Aegis I have been clean for 9 years. It's a good experience and program if you take the program seriously. You can really benefit from it.

Shannon P., - Very nice people. This place has helped so many addicts stop using street drugs and improve them selfs, and better there life. Liked: Methadone clinic