• Introduction to Aegis

    This video is an introduction to the Aegis organization and model

  • Patient's Orientation Video

    A guide for every new patient to the Aegis model, policies and procedures

  • Aegis ASI Demo

    The Aegis interactive ASI allows patients to take the ASI without the presence of a counselor

  • TV Interview with Dr. Jason Crow

    A Fresno TV Station conducted an interview with Dr. Jason Crow to discuss the many aspect of heroin addiction and how Aegis Treatment Centers is helping combat this epidemic

  • Let's end the prescription drug death epidemic

    It's the biggest man-made epidemic in the United States. That's how a doctor in Washington state described it to me as we sat outside the state Capitol in Olympia

  • America's New Hidden Crisis - Heroin Crisis

    America's New Hidden Crisis - Heroin Crisis

  • Drugs, Inc.: Cocaine

    The supply chain of cocaine stretches around our world, bringing vast wealth to a few ... and misery to millions.

  • Stabilizing Opioid-dependent Pregnant Women on Methadone/Buprenorphine

    Dr. Jones will discuss her work from the 8-site, multi-center trial Maternal Opioid Treatment

  • Drug & Behavioral Compulsions

    Interviews describing compulsive behaviors and addiction

  • Drug Abuse and HIV

    (NIDA) Describes how the brain works and how drugs effect functioning

  • Addiction Treatment and Recovery

    The Role of Faith and Community-Based Systems

  • Alcohol and Drug

    Use Disorders, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Other Infectious Diseases

  • Drug Abuse Treatment in Prison

    (NIDA) A New Way Out

  • Dying by Prescription: Oxy controversy

    Oxycotin was touted as a miracle, pain relief with few side effects and less addictive than morphine. Soon it was the most prescribed drug with tragic results

  • Dual Diagnosis

    Educational Film dealing with various classes of drugs and their effects

  • Heroin Addiction - CBS Sunday News

    No parent wants to believe his or her child could be hooked on heroin, so it's always shocking.

  • Heroin: From Pleasure to Pain

    Methadone treatment and its benefits, addressing the "Stigma" of methadone

  • Treatment Issues for Women

    Addresses the special need of women in treatment for drug addiction

  • Warning Signs of Painkiller Addiction

    Wonder if you or a loved one is addicted to prescription painkillers? It's possible.

  • The Dynamics of Recovery

    Offering Hope, Recovery and Resilience to Children of Addicted Parents