It is recommended that individuals who are seeking treatment at Aegis schedule their admission with the clinic front office staff or manager. Although Aegis accepts walk-ins, priority in admission is always given to scheduled patients.

Furthermore, when scheduling an admission, Aegis staff will be able to provide potential patients and their family members with information regarding the admission process, admission criteria and required documentation.

In general, Aegis admits patients over the age of 18 who have a minimum of 1 year of opiate abuse. Patients who have a previous treatment failure can be admitted to the various Maintenance or Extended Detox programs. Patient with no previous treatment history are admitted to the 21-Day Detox Program.

When admitted, patients will be required to bring in identification documentation and any form of insurance or government financial aid they are currently receiving.

The admission process takes 2 to 3 hours, and includes the following procedures:

  • Completion of patient health history and treatment questionnaire at the waiting area. Assistance will be provided if individuals are not fluent in English.

  • Verification of identity and eligibility for Medi-Cal, Medicare or Private Insurance with the Front Office staff.

  • Brief interview with the Clinic Manager discussing the individual’s specific clinical needs and preferences.

  • Completion of medical examination with the physician and back office staff. Upon physician’s discretion, the patient is admitted and will proceed with the admission process.

  • Completion of lab work.

  • Administration of initial medication, followed up with an observation period.

  • Orientation of the patient, and scheduling of follow-up appointments.

To save time, individuals who are interested in admitting to Aegis may download and pre-fill the following forms:

Admission Form - Patient Admission Form required for all admissions (1 Page)
Health History Form - Required Health History questionnaire (2 Pages)