Aegis' multi-disciplinary evidence-based treatment model has consistently produced the best outcomes in the nation.

On average, 88% of Aegis patients in treatment for more than 90 days are illicit opiate free.

3 in 4 patients report an improved standard and quality of life within 180 days.


Aegis has strived for over fifteen years to raise the bar for addiction treatment, piloted new treatment approaches, lobbied for higher standards and developed new treatment protocols.

Aegis is a participant and grant recipient of NIATx.

The CARF Accreditation Committee consistently ranks us one of the best addiction treatment providers in the country.


In the last decade, Aegis has continuously increased the standards of clinicians.

Every Medical Director of Aegis has over 15 years of addiction treatment.

Aegis has internship agreements with USC, UCLA, and Alliant.


Aegis has the most comprehensive set of policies and procedures and the most advanced Electronic Medical Records system that is used to effectively manage and provide the best care possible.

Aegis has the most exhaustive set of treatment protocols, practices and procedures in the industry.

Aegis is one of the few companies in the countries to have an Ombudsman's Office.



Treatment Environment – Our treatment environment is honest, professional and pleasant, identical to what you would find in mainstream medical facilities. The Aegis staff treats patients with the highest level of customer service and professionalism. To mitigate drug dealings and other marginal elements that negatively affect treatment, patients who are not compatible with the desired treatment environment are referred to non-Aegis programs.

Clinical Standards – Aegis continues to strive and improve clinical discretion and quality of patient care. This especially relates to the quality of our evaluations, need assessments, treatment planning, and direct services for patients and their family members. To ensure the quality of the treatment and preferable outcomes, the multidisciplinary treatment team participates in a brainstorming process that includes case conferences and peer reviews, as well as ongoing staff trainings. All Aegis facilities have an established clinical system of checks and balances that is based on supervision, quality assurance and quality control.

Scope of Services – Aegis facilities provide a wide range of services which are applied on a case-by-case basis, consider the specific needs, preferences, strengths and resources of each patient. Such scope of services incorporates both clinical and motivational work. While the motivational work will focus on nurturing the commitment of each patient to their own recovery, the clinical work will focus on the treatment of the addiction and the underlining co-occurring conditions. These services include a wide range of group and individual counseling therapies, educational programs, Keys to Recovery support group topics, social work services, among others.

Clinical Outcomes – Aegis has established one of the highest rates of clinical success in the nation, especially as it relates to successful completion of the treatment programs. Aegis has successfully treated over 100,000 patients over the last 15 years.