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My story starts and in a sense my life was restarted here at Healthy Connections/Aegis…I found myself like a lot of people in a position I never thought I would be in. I ended up hurt on the job and in the hospital…soon after I was released home I found myself in a lot of pain…like others I thought I could “self medicate” and I was wrong…
I’m a father and one day I turned around and looked at my children and knew they, and most of all I, deserved more. I heard of Healthy Connections / Aegis from other people who had come to the same point I had. I needed help bad…It all started with a call…one of the easiest and hardest things I’ve ever done.

I have now been there over a year. From the smiling faces greeting me at the door to the biweekly counseling I have to help keep me on track on moving towards beneficial goals. Always a safe place with security saying hello and good bye…with happiness, health, a job and positive outlook I can honestly say this place has helped me in so many ways Every day I wake up I think how good it feels and how lucky I am to have found this place.


Aegis of Ontario is one of the best methodone clinics we’ve ever been to. The lobby is always clean, full of insightful pamphlets, and helpful support groups. There is a playroom where you can take your kids while waiting, which is really helpful. The staff is always kind and they never fail to help us when we need it, or put a smile on our faces. We love our counselors, they’re the best people to talk to, and they take their job seriously. The nurses always have a welcoming attitude when we see them. Aegis of Ontario is a blessing to our lives, it’s really
helped turn our situation around. We couldn’t be more thankful!!


I came to Aegis Treatment Centers Nov. 5, 2014, after I found myself addicted to Nar-Cos, Vicodin’s, Oxys and all the other “legal” drugs. I had what I thought was a really good doctor that kept me supplied with the pain meds I needed, little by little my habit became worse and the meds the doctor gave me weren’t enough and I had to supplement by getting more off the streets. More and more, before long, every dime I had was going for pills.

My friends all were telling me I was strung out. I told them they were nuts, I could quit anytime, but I found out the hard way, I couldn’t quit. I was strung out, I had friends who were on meth to kick heroin but I wasn’t a heroin addict, I didn’t want to go hang out with a bunch of dope fiends or even worse junkies. My doctor told me I needed to get info treatment. I told him how I felt about going to the clinics and that I didn’t want to hang out with addicts or junkies and bam! he gave me a reality check, it was like a slap in the face when he said, “Well, Judy, just what do you think you are?” Holy crap, he hit the nail on the head!

I made the call – got on the waiting list and it took about 2 or 3 weeks for me to get the call back. The longest 2 or 3 weeks of my life. I would try to do without no help at all, that certainly didn’t work, I tried to get my doctor to cut loose with a script, that was a joke, prices were going up so getting enough to just barely stay “well” was nearly impossible. Those dope fiends and junkies were sounding better every day.

Then came the call. From the first day I walked into Aegis until now I haven’t taken not one “pain pill”, not anything that isn’t approved by the program.

The clinic has been a blessing for me. The group, the counseling, gave me guidance how to stay “clean”, ow not to be miserable, how to maintain a structured program that works for me.

I am now a PAAG member and I facilitate a group once a week. I am keeping my sobriety by giving it away. Sharing how I am staying clean, helping others who stumble and need a lift up before they slip all the way back into the old lifestyle.

I feel that at my age “68” I really don’t have another run left in me. I need the clinic and all it has to offer me. I hear here and there that for those of us who have Medi-Cal and some other Government funded medical insurance may lose the coverage we need to continue our program, the daily doses we received to curb the urges to stop us from going back out here. I panic at the thought. I know that I can’t stay clean without the help of the clinic. I hope and pray that we don’t lose what so many of us depend on so much.

I’m not sure of the exact numbers of how many clients (patients) would lose their access to what we have grown to depend on. Without Aegis and programs like ours so many would return to the “old way of life”. This not only being the old-school junkies and dope fiends but people from all walks of life, young, old. The numbers would be very high, some aren’t ready to be tapered off the program. Some are too young in their sobriety to make it without the assistance Medi-Cal offers. They would never survive.

I have been clean almost 17 months and I know where I would be. It wasn’t an easy climb out of that hole. I pray I never have to do it again.


This treatment is a very powerful tool, I came from the bottom. It’s helped me immensely, it’s helped me hugely. It’s been nothing but positive. It’s been the most positive thing since I can remember – helped me get the most powerful tool to get me where l am now. It’s helped me every way you can think. It’s a huge positive role in my life.


I joined AEGIS a 24-year-old,chronic pain patient, also suffering from Schizo-Affective Disorder, and though l took large doses of potent painkillers that had been prescribed over a long period of time, I had basically ignored my health, both mentally and physically for quite some time.

At the time l joined AEGIS I felt it was my last hope, with all I had been through, and l had tried to taper off my painkillers many times before and never succeeded. I would go into withdrawal for a couple of weeks and get to a point where l couldn’t continue. So l knew if AEGIS couldn’t help me to get off these medications, I would be stuck on them forever, and that thought alone would make me want to break down. But fortunately, they were able to help me get stabilized on Methadone, and having been on Morphine, Dilaudid, Fentanyl, and OxyContin for nearly a decade, this was literally the first time l felt normal and clear headed since l started on these painkillers.

After stabilization they helped me find a Primary Care Physician and a Pain doctor that were not only good doctors, but also accepted my government insurance through SSI. Next my Caseload Manager was able to help me find a great Psychiatrist that not only would accept me as a patient, but would also either accept my insurance or put me on a payment plan or discount plan that l could afford, and finding a Psychiatrist isn’t easy, but they managed to help get me in to start seeing a great one which was a very big role in helping me to develop a better, healthier lifestyle.

Eventually with my counselors encouragement and help connecting me with a “quit smoking” support group/company, I officially quit smoking cigarettes on June 12, 2012 after over a decade of smoking over a pack a day, and I haven’t looked back since. Without AEGIS I’m not sure if I’d be here today because of how trapped, isolated, and misunderstood l felt. AEGIS gave me a place where l felt accepted, where l never felt or feel judged. Without that stability and feeling of normalcy, coupled with all the Doctors they helped me find that I desperately needed, I definitely wouldn’t be as stable or healthy, mentally or physically, as l am today.

I credit AEGIS for where l am today and for how happy l am for the first time in as long as l can remember. Having not smoked in 5 years now and after adopting a healthier lifestyle, I feel better and healthier today than I’ve ever felt, and l thank AEGIS for everything as every one of my achievements or moments of progress were always orchestrated in one way or another by AEGIS. Thank You.


Hello my name is Rachelle. I have used opiates for more than ten years. When I finally admitted to myself I have a problem, I knew I needed professional help. Lord knows I went to the best place that anybody would get there life saved and that is “Aegis Treatment Centers” in Stockton, California.

When I arrived I was assisted as if I was the first and only patient they had for the day. Aegis Treatment Centers in Stockton, CA have a way to make you smile every time you step foot in the door. From Dr. Ernest Vasti (Medical Director), Nancy (Clinic Manager), Melissa (R.N.), Stephanie D. (my counselor), Jennifer (M.A.) they all take care of me from the heart. They all make a point to make sure that I feel comfortable, safe and confidential no matter how busy they can get. They are always available at all times in such a special way, it makes you feel like they are family members that you can trust always. I thank Aegis with all my heart and they mean the world to me.

When it was time to meet my counselor Stephanie D. She is an Alcoholic Drug counselor. I got the best counselor that fits me, my personality along with my needs. She is such a love and she keeps you wanting to stay sober and follow the guidelines that Aegis, Stockton does have. I cannot tell you enough how Aegis along with all the staff saved my life. I thought it wasn’t possible to get help like Aegis provides. When I came in to get my medicine I get hello and how are you from every direction. They truly want to make sure you are doing good on a daily basis. Everybody stays encouraging me as a team. I honestly could never of done this without Aegis Treatment centers as a whole. There is truly nothing I can buy or say that is enough to thank them how much they saved me, my life, my home life, my quality of life and most of all me being a mother. Rachelle is back to stay forever and I will never turn around I will remain going forward. I swear the days I don’t want to be there my counselor sees it and pulls me to the side and makes it all better. I really can go on forever and ever, but I will Stop here and say Thank you to Aegis in Stockton California.


In the last 5 years of recovery I have gained all of the tools through counseling to discover who I am, what I want, and the things I will no longer accept in my life.

My counselors have taught me how to be mindful and aware; how to love myself for not only who I am, but also for the journey that has led me to be the woman I am today.

My journey through recovery wasn’t just doctors giving me methadone and saying “good luck,” it was the compassion my counselors had to help me free myself from the chains of addiction and to see my true worth, passion, dedication, self-love and determination for wanting more for myself.


Hello my name is Ryan. I’m 34 years old, I am also a very grateful patient at Aegis Treatment Center of Ontario. I found myself enrolling at Aegis after a decade of abusing heroin, opiates of all forms, and most of all, all the people around me, myself included.

Like a lot of us, I came from a very loving and caring home along with loving parents, family and friends. That life was destroyed the second I used heroin. Regaining those relationships was never thought possible until I was introduced to Aegis.

By the grace of God and all the help and support from the clinic staff, I have now been clean and free from heroin and all drugs in general for over a year, and I have accomplished way more than anyone could imagine.
I still have a lot of progress to make, but I’m more than satisfied with my life today! I now have a stable home to live in, along with the friends and family that I thought I had lost forever. Besides having friends and family that answer my phone calls now, I also have been able to give my parents their son back.

Thank you to everyone at Aegis for giving me the tools to rebuild a healthy life.


My name is Ona, and I have been a patient at Aegis for 13 years. Prior to coming to Aegis my life was a mess. Since the day I entered treatment at Aegis, with counseling and the medication they offer, I have been clean and sober for 13 years. I have never had a relapse. lf you are ready and willing and want your recovery, Aegis will work for you just as it has for me.